Divisions Awards

*Costumes, Set & Lighting are adjudicated and scored for special recognition only. Individual performers can receive special recognition by adjudicator consensus.

Large Mixed (38+ singers)

1st, 2nd & 3rd Best Vocal Best Choreography Best Show Design/Story Other*

Small Mixed (Up to 37 singers)

1st, 2nd & 3rd Best Vocal Best Choreography Best Show Design/Story Other*

Middle School

1st, 2nd & 3rd Best Vocal Best Choreography Best Show Design/Story Other*

Large Same Gender (38+ singers)

1st, 2nd & 3rd Best Vocal Best Choreography Best Show Design/Story Other*

Small Same Gender (Up to 37 singers)

1st, 2nd & 3rd Best Vocal Best Choreography Best Show Design/Story Other*


The Limelight award is given to something or someone that stands out within a show throughout that episode such as an outstanding soloist, dancer, performer, set, song, etc


The Tournament is a 4 part episodic livestream series that will broadcast in real-time.

Groups of any size are welcome to compete.

Groups will present from their own school gym, stage, or designated venue.

Groups can compete more than once, up to three different tournament events.

You cannot compete in more than one division.

Raw scores determine each division winner. The highest scoring group will be named event champion.

After three preliminary rounds, the top scoring choirs in 4 divisions advance to The Championship.

The Championship; Top 4 Small & Large Mixed choirs, Top 3 Same Gender, and the Top Middle School.

Special recognition awards given out each episode called a Limelight Award.


ShowChoirLive The Celebration Of Champions will held on the weekend of April 15th!

Saturday, April 15th CST
Times TBA



Your presentation, including transitions and applause breaks, should not exceed 12 minutes. This time limitation is the primary challenge of the tournament — the frame in which to create a seamless, entertaining, and unconventional show choir performance  that delivers exactly the thing your team does best!

Each tournament episode is designed to accommodate up to twelve choirs, making for an efficient, easily digestible performance event. Therefore, staying on schedule is a crucial part of meeting our broadcast quality goals. The penalty for exceeding the 12-minute limit is 5 points for each 15 seconds over, or portion thereof. Any group exceeding 1 minute over, forfeits all points and will be disqualified.


  • There is no limit to the number, type, or style of song titles presented.
  • Risers are optional and any venue is acceptable — stage, auditorium, commons area, cafeteria, gymnasium, parking lot, or field-house.
  • All singer/dancers must be from your school.
  • Vocal performance must be 100% live. No pre-recorded or synthesized voices allowed.
  • Accompaniment can be live or pre-recorded. Instrumentalist can be students or adults.


Mixed and Treble/Bass Choirs

Large (38+ members)

Small (up to 37 members)

Middle School

Any size


Livestreaming your choir is inexpensive and accessible to most K-12 schools with equipment that is easily attainable or already in-house.

Imagine you are making a 12 minute television show. 

  • Solicit the input and assistance of your school’s resident A/V adult or student technicians.
  • Research Youtube, where there are thousands of short tutorials on “How to Livestream”
  • With travel costs down, leave it all to a professional 

Recommended livestream equipment (minimum)

  1. 4K Wide lens webcam or higher quality camera
  2. Capture Card (for sound)
  3. Computer with 1 Gig ethernet or higher broadband connection
  • Camera should be positioned to capture the ensemble from a judges POV.


Due to the distance needed for your camera placement, it is highly recommended that you incorporate external microphones.

  • Place microphones to best capture the sound of your group.
  • Audio mixing is recommended, but not required.


  • Lighting and stage effects are permissible and should follow your schools safety guidelines.

Participants will receive a broadcast link for pre-production tests prior to tournament start dates.



Registration is $10 per participating student singer/dancer.
All performance licensing fees are included.